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Montana Bioscience Cluster Analysis Update

Tuesday, May 7th, 2013

It’s been over 10 years since RTS identified, analyzed and mapped Montana’s emerging bioscience cluster as part of a larger industrial cluster project for the Governor’s Office and Economic Development. This effort led to the creation of the Montana BioScience Alliance (MBSA) to support the growth and continued development of the cluster.

In 2012, RTS was commissioned to update its analysis of the composition and structure of Montana’s bioscience cluster and to survey the MBSA membership base to pinpoint its most pressing business issues and identify what services MBSA should offer its member companies going forward. The results of the bioscience cluster composition update and of the membership needs assessment are summarized in this edition of the MBSA directory along with a message from Montana’s new governor, Steve Bullock, a story on this year’s inductee into the Montana BioScience Hall of Fame and a review of MBSA and cluster developments by MBSA Executive Director, Sharon Peterson.

The 2013 Montana BioScience Directory and can be downloaded here.