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Comparing NC to other states on innovation and technology

Monday, June 20th, 2011

Chris Beacham, RTS Director of Economic Development Programs, was asked by the North Carolina Technology Association to present to their Annual Leadership Conference on the topic: Dare to Compare: How Does North Carolina Stack Up? Chris presented an overview of the dramatic change of North Carolina from a state built on traditional manufacturing to one based on knowledge and technology.  But in the constant battle for economic success, how does North Carolina compare to other states on policy, workforce, venture capital, entrepreneurship and other factors in building a strong technology-driven economy?  The presentation details the data that shows the state as strong in many areas like R&D and presence of scientists and engineers while lagging in areas like citizen’s access to computers and Internet access. (more…)

RTS: “The Next Generation.”

Friday, January 16th, 2009

No not another Star Trek spin-off, but Stuart Rosenfeld traveled to the wintry climes of Minnesota to participate in the state’s 2009 Legislative Policy Conference entitled: “The ‘Next Generation’ Economy: Areas of Dynamic and Innovative Growth.”  Stuart gave a presentation entitled “Supporting & strengthening the knowledge economy”.  In the talk, Stuart talked about where Minnesota can invest to prosper in the global economy.  His recommendations included investing in: supporting sustainable clusters; higher education, particularly  community colleges;  innovation, including user-driven activities; arts & artisan-based enterprises; amenities and distinctive places; and, extending global connections  You can see Stuart’s entire presentation here.

Rocky Mountain Creativity

Wednesday, December 17th, 2008

Stuart Rosenfeld traveled to Denver recently to make a series of presentations relating to our work on Colorado’s creative economy.  Stuart gave the keynote speech at the annual Cultural Forum, which this year was entitled “Avancing Colorado’s Creative Economy.”  Our report to the Arts Council of Colorado that we worked as part of the Alliance for Creative Advantage will be released in January.

Beyond High School: RTS in Central Louisiana

Friday, September 26th, 2008

Our ongoing work with the Rapides Foundation continues this month, with RTS making presentations to community leaders in Central Louisiana around the future of Workforce Development.  Chris Beacham, our Director of Economic Development Programs, talked about the current state of Cenla’s economy and what the future holds for the region.  Chris’ presentation can be downloaded here and you can read about the effort in the Alexandria newspaper here.

RTS attends Appalachian Regional Development Institute Leadership Summit as invited panelists

Tuesday, August 19th, 2008

RTS staff were invited panelists at the recent Appalachian Regional Development Institute Leadership Summit in Boone, NC. Sarah Butzen offered the “North Carolina Perspective” on the creative economy, highlighting RTS recent work in the state and Chris Beacham chaired a panel on “Tapping Creative Assets: Emerging Sectors in Agriculture and the Arts. You can see Sarah’s PowerPoint here.