In the wake of the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill, participated in a research team led by David Dodd of DADCO, Inc. to develop a contingency strategy for the fisheries industries in this culturally-rich region. Fisheries had been hit particularly hard by the oil spill, as many had just resumed normal operations after Hurricane Katrina. The project was for two purposes: 1) To seek alternative sources of revenue for fishing operators; and 2) To create higher value for their existing catch through niche’ operations such as on-board chillers, working waterfront operations, and more effective marketing. One of the strategies for increasing non-fishing revenues was development of experiential tourism opportunities, tapping into the 10-million visitor per year New Orleans tourist industry. As a result, a $2.1 million grant was awarded to Nunez Community College to train operators of experiential tourism businesses, and tours featuring authentic fishing and related experiences have been launched. This, coupled with renewed birding and related ecological tours, are expected to provide fisheries with additional opportunities to survive and thrive.