This report was prepared by CommonWeal/RTS team to support the Symbion Entrepreneurial Learning Lab’s (EL2) project with the Danish Industry Foundation to investigate networked approaches for building the entrepreneurial social capital of Denmark with the goal of facilitating higher firm startup, growth and earnings performance and accelerated capital formation within key industry clusters and sectors while also extending international reach within these networks across all regions. It includes a country-wide, industry sector by industry sector Dealmaker network analysis, a Dealmaker diaspora analysis that identifies concentrations by city, region or country of Danish expat Dealmaker university alumni and Danish expats who in the past served as senior executives of the top 100 leading business enterprises in Denmark. Complementing this diaspora analysis was a comprehensive review of the financial flows from and to Denmark from both Europe and the United States. While the diaspora analysis seeks to understand the concentration of Danish affiliated individuals who may be leveraged to enhance business-to-business relationships, the financial flows will show the extent to which business-to-business activity is correlated with financial transactions in the area of mergers, acquisitions, and private placements of private equity. Based on this information CommonWeal then crafted a strategy to support the development of the Danish Dealmaker network and an assessment tool to track the network’s progress.