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2011 Symposium May 1-4, San Sebastian, Basque region of Spain
Stimulating Innovation and Creativity In Education
Embedding creativity in education and training


The role of creativity in economic success has been minimized for too long. Now education and training institutions are working to embed creativity and innovation into their programs with the goal of producing a workforce with the talent to innovate. Creativity joins traditional education and skills training in the formula for economic success. The May 1-4, 2011 TA3 meeting will examine the role of creativity and how creativity and innovation can be enhanced by collaborative networks and alliances involving colleges, companies, research and technology centres that complement one another and share knowledge and practices.

Plan to join us in lovely San Sebastian in the Basque region of Spain for the May 1-4, 2011 TA3 meeting on innovation and creativity. The event is co-sponsored by TA3 and the Tknika Centre for Innovation in Basque supported by the Basque Department of Education. Events on May 1-2 are open to all and the May 3-4 sessions are for TA3 members and their guests. For more information visit the TA3 website.


2009 Symposium Date Announced!

Proposed Theme: Contextualizing Learning
May 4-6, 2009 -- Tampere, Finland

Our proposed spring 2009 conference theme will be “Contextual Learning.”

We’ll present a series of presentations and discussions of innovative ways
that colleges create learning environments that are experiential, reflect
real life or work situations, and/or are immediately relevant to a student’s
particular interests or background. Speakers will address topic such as
entrepreneurial learning through incubators, simulated work situations or
enterprises, and learning based on the characteristics of a certain sector
or industry cluster.


2008 Symposium Presentations

New Solutions for a Changing Workforce: International Approaches and Best Practices

hosted by Howard Community College, Columbia, MD
June 1-4, 2008

Patrick Mulhern, Athlone Institute of Technology


2007 Symposium Presentations

Adapting Regional Economies for Global Competitiveness:
Expanded Roles for Educational Institutes

hosted by Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology, Galway, Ireland
September 30 - October3, 2007


Gillian Buckley, Western Development Commission

Gerry Clarke, Medtronic

Martin Cronin, Forfás

Andrew Davies, OECD

Paul Logue, Élan Pharma International

Michael Lonergan

Irial Mac Murchú, Nementon Teo

Barry O’Mahony and Conrad Lashley, GMIT

Ian Quinn, Creganna Medical Devices

Jeff Rafn, Northeast Wisconsin Technical College